Hauling excellence

After more than 65 years hauling bulk construction materials to job sites, McClymonds Supply & Transit Co. has mastered what it takes to operate efficiently, productively and safely

After more than 65 years hauling bulk construction materials to job sites, McClymonds Supply & Transit Co. has mastered what it takes to operate efficiently, productively and safely.

Headquartered in Portersville, PA, McClymonds fields a fleet of more than 300 trucks, including tri-axle dumps and tractors with dump and specialty trailers. The common and contract bulk building materials carrier serves customers in a 300-mi. radius in western Pennsylvania.

“We understand that the fundamental success of our company starts with our drivers,” says Mark McClymonds, president. “Over the years, we have been very selective in our hiring process. This has had a positive effect on all aspects of the company. In any normal year we only hire about 5 to 10% of the drivers that apply for jobs with our company.

“At the same time,” McClymonds continues, “our driver turnover rate has never been more than 10% per year. As a company, we are very proud of the fact that we still employ drivers that have been with our company since the 1960s. We feel that says a lot about who we are.”

Frank Zbuckvich, safety director, explains the stringent requirements that McClymonds has for drivers it hires. “We require a minimum of two years experience and won't even consider an applicant who has more than two speeding or one serious violation within the past 10 years,” he says. “We only hire drivers that we are comfortable with as the face of the company because they are the people our customers see.”


McClymonds conducts complete background checks on all driver applicants, including full license histories, criminal backgrounds and references with previous employers.

After meeting the company's rigorous requirements, new hires at McClymonds must also get passing grades on the job. Following a full day of training on safety and company policies, new drivers are paired with driver trainers for about one week. During that time, they are graded on pre- and post-trip inspection and equipment operating procedures, as well as customer relations. Following that period, they spend a few more weeks on the road with an experienced driver.

All 325 drivers attend quarterly meetings covering safety and equipment topics. There are also annual safety awards for drivers who have not had any lost time or a preventable accident causing $750 or more in damage.

McClymonds is especially interested in safety technology. “All of our new tractors are specified with traction and stability control systems,” McClymonds states, “and we've added Bendix air disc brakes to our latest specs because testing has shown that they can reduce stopping distances significantly.”

Another new specification at the company is bringing EPA-certified SCR engines into the fleet. About 90% of the trucks and tractors in the McClymonds fleet are Peterbilt models, and in June of last year the company took delivery of the first 2010 Paccar MX production engine in a Peterbilt 386, a 13L 445-hp. model.

“Our company has run millions of miles with Peterbilts and we are extremely happy to [have been] the first customer to receive a Paccar MX engine,” McClymonds says. “We haven't had any problems with the engine and don't expect any fuel-efficiency or performance issues.

“Ever since my late father, George R. McClymonds, bought his first truck in 1945, we've strived to provide our customers with the best service possible,” McClymonds says. “We have been fortunate that our customer base has grown over the years, and we feel that is due to the dedication of our employees and the ability to provide them with the latest and safest equipment the industry has to offer.”

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