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Hands-free CB radio option

Cobra Electronics Corp. has unveiled a new Remote CB Microphone system

Cobra Electronics Corp. has unveiled a new Remote CB Microphone system.

The system consists of an ergonomic headset with retractable cord, a state-of-the-art boom microphone featuring noise canceling technology, and a heavy-duty push-to-talk PTT button. The PTT button can be attached to the shift level, allowing drivers to easily operate the CB radio without shifting their eyes from the road.

“Driving today’s big rigs is a demanding job, and drivers are constantly faced with many tasks and many distractions, and safety is always the paramount concern,” said Toby Bogard, veteran trucker, author and Cobra spokesperson. “CB radios provide a vital communication link for truckers, but operating them adds another distraction, and it forces drivers to take their hand off the wheel and their eyes off the road. Cobra’s innovative new Remote CB Microphone system is a breakthrough in professional driver safety that eliminates this problem and delivers safe and convenient CB operation at the touch of a button.”

The system operates all standard 4-pin CB radios from Cobra Electronics, as well as other leading CB radio manufacturers.

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