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New Bendix spring brake boasts high strength and light weight

Bendix Spicer Foundation Brake LLC (BSFB) has released a new spring brake that is calls weight-optimized and corrosion-resistant for “best-in-class durability and performance

Bendix Spicer Foundation Brake LLC (BSFB) has released a new spring brake that is calls weight-optimized and corrosion-resistant for “best-in-class durability and performance.” The new Bendix EverSure spring brake with No Touch technology is a double-diaphragm unit for use with drum brakes. It is designed to industry-standard dimensions, which the manufacturer said makes it easy to install as an aftermarket replacement part.

The EverSure spring brake is already in production.

“In engineering the EverSure spring brake, we created a high-performing spring brake that is significantly lighter and, at the same time, more robust than others on the market,” said Mark Kromer, chief engineer – actuation/slack adjuster products, for BSFB. “The new spring brake, like all Bendix products, meets the strictest standards for performance and durability.”

The EverSure spring brake is more than two pounds lighter than competitive spring brakes, noted Bendix. For trucks and trailers outfitted with the EverSure spring brake, key benefits of the weight reduction include the ability to carry increased payload and improved fuel efficiency. The lighter weight design helps offset the extra weight added to commercial vehicles by engine systems designed to meet recent emissions regulations, Bendix pointed out.

In addition, the brake’s lighter weight leads to the “best vibration resistance in the industry. Lower vibration levels help prolong the life of the spring brake and supporting components,” said Bendix.

Another key advancement in the new spring brake is the elimination of contact between compressed power spring coils. Bendix said this allows the protective coating to remain intact and results in significantly better corrosion-resistance than competitive products.

“We designed the power spring of the EverSure to avoid coil contact damage, which leads to corrosion, and ultimately spring brake failure,” Kromer said. “Engineered with an increased number of active coils, the EverSure spring brake also reduces surface stresses in the power spring. The elimination of coil contact and the additional active coils allow the EverSure spring brake to set the benchmark for durability.”

BSFB also optimized the diaphragm geometry of the EverSure spring brake, resulting in a claim of best-in-class force output.

While it is also available in the aftermarket, the EverSure spring brake exceeds all compliance requirements for performance and durability in OEM applications.

“We have performed extensive validation tests,” Kromer said. “Our corrosion tests, for example, demonstrate the improved durability of the EverSure power spring over competitive designs. The EverSure lasted more than twice as long as other Original Equipment power springs. Also, our testing requirements are far more stringent than the commonly accepted SAE standards.”

“We spend a lot of time listening to our customers’ concerns,” added Gary Ganaway, director of marketing & global development at BSFB. “They are concerned with added weight from recent emissions changes, an influx of less robust service parts from off-shore, as well as greater enforcement targeted at improved safety and proper maintenance.

“We are pleased with the work of our engineers in addressing all of these concerns.,” he continued. “On the most basic level, our customers can rest assured that, with this product, their vehicles will park – and stay parked. We are excited to have the EverSure spring brake as the most recent addition to our product line.”

In June 2010, Bendix Spicer Foundation Brake launched a new spring brake for air disc brake applications. Available in North America, the double diaphragm spring brake offers an alternative to current piston-style spring brakes. Previously, BSFB launched a similar product for European applications and North American trailer applications.

Announced by Bendix Commercial Vehicle Systems LLC was the 2011 schedule for the long-running Bendix Brake Training School. The air and foundation brake training course includes the option for training at attendee facilities.

The comprehensive curriculum – conducted by veteran, 100% ASE-certified Bendix Service, Warranty, and Training (SWAT) team experts – teaches maintenance professionals the description, operation, and service elements for the total range of components found within foundation and air brake systems.

Additional topics include Bendix safety solutions such as air disc brakes, antilock braking systems, tire pressure monitoring systems, and stability technologies, such as the Bendix ESP full stability system.

The Bendix Brake Training School includes detailed classroom lectures and operational demonstrations.

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The 2011 schedule will kick off on Tuesday, March 8, in San Antonio. Bendix began to offer training schools more than 50 years ago, making it among the longest running training programs in the industry. To date, more than 250,000 people have successfully completed Bendix training.

In an expansion of the program this year, Bendix also will conduct the training school on-site at attendee facilities. The school is part of the comprehensive curriculum delivered both in person and via a growing number of interactive channels.

“Bendix Brake Training School enables technicians to maintain and improve their knowledge of braking systems, allowing fleets and owner-operators to reduce downtime and service costs,” said John Reid, Bendix SWAT team manager and a 40-year veteran of the company. “Bendix offers the course to keep attendees apprised of the latest technical information regarding the operation and service of air brake and foundation brake systems. Bendix Brake Training School provides the foundation of knowledge to help keep commercial vehicles on the road in good working condition, while ensuring highway safety for drivers and others on the roadway.

“It’s because we believe so strongly in the program that we decided to take the school on the road this year – we want to make the training as convenient as possible for the technicians who can benefit from it,” he added.

Participants will learn from a curriculum that includes the fundamentals of compressed air; tactics for air system failure mode diagnosis and troubleshooting; and air brake system and foundation brake components, including air compressors, valves, foundation drum brakes and air disc brakes, slack adjusters, brake chambers, shoes, and drums.

Courses will be offered in nearly 20 cities across the United States and Canada. For a full listing of locations and dates, and instructions for scheduling on-site training, go to The Bendix Brake Training School is just one of a growing number of educational options Bendix CVS makes available for vehicle owners and technicians. Additional, online options will become available throughout 2011.

Class size is limited, and enrollment is on a first-come, first-served basis. Registration may be completed online at or, or by phone (1-800-AIR-BRAKE, option 3), or via fax (216-651-3261).

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