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INDIANAPOLIS. Weather Guard Van Solutions has created a series of storage solutions designed specifically for the new Nissan NV commercial van

INDIANAPOLIS. Weather Guard Van Solutions has created a series of storage solutions designed specifically for the new Nissan NV commercial van.

The items, which include driver-friendly bulkheads, a wide range of shelving, specialty storage equipment, and roof rack options, are designed to assist professional contractors and field service workers, and were introduced this week at the National Truck Equipment Assn.’s Work Truck Show.

“Weather Guard continues its tradition of innovation, starting with customized solutions for the Mercedes Sprinter, Ford Transit Connect, and now the new Nissan NV,” said Jeff Kotz, senior product manager. “We have engineered hard-working storage solutions that deliver industry-leading security, unmatched durability and reliability, maximum organization and productivity, and superior cab comfort.”

The custom bulkhead provides 4 in. of additional room for drivers, Weather Guard said. It is available for both standard-roof and high-roof models and comes complete with accessories such as hard hat, fire extinguisher, and extension cord brackets; literature holders; first aid kit and safety reflector kit trays. There is also a “dog hatch” door that allows for the convenient storage of 10 ft. of pipe or lumber inside the van.

Inside the van, 90 in. of jumbo steel shelving for the safe storage of tools and equipment is available. Shelves themselves are available in 44 in. and 59.5 in. versions, all of which will fit in either standard-roof or high-roof models. There is a 51-in. retainer lip for all shelving units.

Also available are a variety of units that include locking shelf doors, locking parts cabinets, and locking file drawers. Specialty storage solutions such as Itemizer and Pack Rat drawer units and Bed Rat sliding platforms are also available.

“One of the best features of the Weather Guard Nissan NV Van Solutions is the simple installation,” Kotz said. “Time is money for professional contractors and field personnel. With our customized Nissan NV van solutions, upfitting the van does not require drilling or time-consuming installations. Using pre-drilled holes, the professional contractor can just bolt and go.”

For those contractors who use ladders in their daily routine, Weather Guard has created the EZ-Glide system. The unit uses an ergonomic drive arm to assist the smooth loading and unloading of ladders. It utilizes a hydraulic cylinder for effortless descent and a zero-impact drop, taking the load off a contractor’s shoulders, the company said. Kotz added that it is ideal for the high-roof model, which stands over 9 ft. tall.

The products are being marketed under the Knaack Products name.

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