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Snap-on unveils wireless diagnostic tool; cordless grease gun

Snap-on has released a new wireless diagnostic tool and a cordless grease gun to improve technicians’ productivity

Snap-on has released a new wireless diagnostic tool and a cordless grease gun to improve technicians’ productivity.

The Snap-on Verus wireless diagnostic & information system allows technicians to scan, scope and run their business from anywhere inside the shop. The tool helps provide real-world answers for common shop problems, including accessing codes, data, functional tests, Fast-Track guided component tests, technical forums, OEM websites, and troubleshooting.

The wireless nature of the tool complements several productivity features, including a keyless scan module which covers OBD-II applications with a single adapter; built-in WiFi and Internet connectivity; long-range Class-1 Bluetooth for wireless connection to the Verus scan module throughout the shop; a 250 GB hard drive with more RAM and improved display screen; one-touch icon navigation to jump between the scanner, scope, or any function with a single touch; and automatic software updates via the web.

“Ultimately, diagnostics isn’t about finding problems, it’s about providing solutions,” said Mark Schaefer, director of marketing. “With Snap-on’s new Verus wireless diagnostic & information system, technicians will get the answers that they need to complete their job up to 50% quicker, enabling them to get more done in less time.”

Snap-on also has released a cordless grease gun. The 18-volt gun includes two batteries, a charger, and storage case.

“Our 18-volt cordless grease gun was created with input from service techs because no one knows better than our customers what this tool should do,” said Rodger Isetts, product manager. “The CGG4850 is a versatile and durable tool that provides longer tool life and greater performance in any type of weather. Its high pressure and cold-weather rated, giving service techs the quality and productivity they demand.”

The gun features a 7,500 psi hose; first-stage planetary gearing and second-stage steel spur gearing for less wear; pump housing pressure tested to 20,000 psi; all-steel slide crank mechanism; glass-filled nylon housing for high-impact strength; and a over-molded comfort cushion trigger.

The batteries are 18-volt, 2.4 AHr slide-on batteries that charge in only 45 minutes.

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