Online tool to assist with picking fan models and design

Online tool to assist with picking fan models and design

Horton, a provider of fan drives, fans and suspension products, has released the Airflow System Configurator, an online tool that identifies fan model and design of plastic, modular and metal fans for on-highway, off-highway, stationary and industrial equipment.

When a user enters design parameters, the web-based application processes the data and provides fan options, with links to show fan performance curves for the specific configuration, Horton said, adding that the system’s recommendations are based on actual test results, not theoretical simulation. Those seeking plastic fan configurations receive a part number for ordering and a reference drawing with general and mounting dimensions. 
“Increasingly, our customers have very specific needs that warrant individualized solutions,” explains Jeff Wood, Horton’s fan product manager. “The Airflow System Configurator provides customers with decades of Horton’s expertise to select fan designs that meet their exact requirements.”

Horton said its application features an industry-first ability to include immersion and downstream restriction as parameters for evaluating fan performance. The application is web-based and continually updated with the latest test data on the newest designs. 
A video of the system is available at


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