Optronics expands GloLight LED Line

Optronics International announced another expansion of its GloLight product line with the introduction of its new STL112 6-in. oval and STL113 4-in. round LED stop, tail, turn lamps and its E-rated STL175 oval mid-ship turn and intermediate marker lamp.

The STL112 and STL113 LED stop, tail, turn lamps have been designed with mirrored reflectors that give the core of the lamps a visual snap while optimizing their light output, according to the company.

“The marketplace response to our GloLight line has been nothing short of astonishing,” said Brett Johnson, president and CEO. “A full 80% of the fleet trials we now have underway include GloLight lamps, and we expect the high-style 4-in. round and 6-in. oval stop, tail, turn lamps to be particularly popular among independent owner-operators.”

The new 10-diode STL175 mid-ship lamp is SAE E-compliant and meets California requirements for mid-ship turn signals on vehicles measuring 30 ft. or longer, the company said. When the lamp’s turn signal function is in operation, the LEDs in the center of the lamp brightly illuminate intermittently to indicate the driver’s intentions.

“Since the introduction of the first GloLight product in 2012, we’ve been working toward a total GloLight vehicle offering,” said Marcus Hester, vice president of sales and marketing . “Our new 10-diode mid-ship turn signal and intermediate marker lamp does that, and its California E-rating makes it a practical choice for OEMs, fleets and independent owner-operators alike.”

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