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Orange EV launches new Class 8 electric truck

Orange EV announced it is accepting orders for its all-new T-Series pure electric terminal truck.

“Orange EV’s initial T-Series, a complete re-manufacture of existing trucks, has been operating up to 24+ hours per charge at sites from single shift to 24x7 in: railroad intermodal, LTL freight, manufacturing, retail distribution, waste management and warehouse container handling,” the company said. “By placing a $10,000 refundable deposit by YE 2016, fleets lock in price, production priority, and Orange EV’s telematics service free of charge on trucks ordered by March 31, 2017.”

“With addition of the new truck and rise in overall order volume, production capacity is at a premium,” said Wayne Mathisen Orange EV chief executive officer. “Fleets have been telling us for two years that they want a new truck option.  Now they can get it in the same industry-leading chassis they already know and rely upon. Orange EV’s Priority Program will help us gauge the demand and allocate resources, while rewarding fleets that help us plan ahead.”

According to the company, fleets in the Priority Program place $10,000 refundable deposits and receive:

  • Price stability through year end budgeting 
  • Installation and remote access for Orange EV’s FIMS service, free of charge for five (5) years
  • Live user training and initial FIMS usage reports. Orange EV’s Fleet Information Management System (FIMS) telematics service provides real time information on truck performance.  The data available via FIMS helps operators quantify cost savings and emissions eliminated while enabling them to manage and improve truck utilization. 

Orange EV said it will continue taking orders as fleets are ready, while on a monthly basis querying program participants in sequence for their orders. Financing, incentives, carbon credits and other programs provide fleets additional assistance and incentives to accelerate deployment of Orange EV’s pure electric terminal trucks.

“Even without incentive programs the total cost of ownership for Orange EV’s electric vehicles is often less than what many fleets spend to purchase and operate their diesel trucks,” according to Mike Saxton chief commercial officer. “The incentives help fleets invest in their initial vehicles, but it’s the per-truck savings of up to $60,000 annually that will drive fleet-wide adoption.”

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