Penray releases year-round diesel treatment

Penray releases year-round diesel treatment

The Penray Companies has introduced a new year-round diesel treatment product for medium- and heavy-duty vehicles. Pow-R 365 5-in-1 diesel treatment features a blend of additives and conditioners designed to improve fuel economy and engine performance.

According to Penray, the fuel additive increases fuel cetane rating by a full point, increases fuel economy, protects fuel system components from corrosion, enhances lubricity and provides protection It is sold in bottles of 64 fluid ounce and  each bottle treats 250 gals. of diesel fuel.

“Pow-R 365 is a great addition to our line-up encompassing the five most important fuel additive functions in a single product,” says Sarah Cooper, product manager. “Treating with this year round product ensures your system is ready for all unexpected conditions from inclement weather to poor quality fuel.”

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