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Peterbilt announces dates for Model 579 tour

Peterbilt Motors Co. has announced the tour dates for its Model 579 “Legend Continues Tour.” The tour, which began in June and continues through November, will include 40 stops at Peterbilt dealer locations in the U.S. and Canada.

The interactive tour will offer dealers and customers the chance to experience the new Model 579’s features and benefits first-hand.

The 579 was introduced at the Mid-America Trucking Show in March. Described as the “best Peterbilt ever” built, the company said its new flagship model was built around the driver.

“This tour is designed to showcase the new Model 579 as well as share the excitement with our customers and dealers,” said Bill Kozek, Peterbilt general manager andPaccar vice president. “The 579 is the most innovative vehicle in Peterbilt’s history, providing our customers the highest quality product, with superior aerodynamics, unmatched comfort and exceptional reliability.”

The Legend Continues Tour features an interactive 53-ft. double-expandable trailer with approximately 1,000 sq. ft. of display space. The climate controlled trailer includes kiosks and display properties that highlight the Model 579’s design features, technology, and performance leadership.

The Model 579 Tour Trailer will also include the following:

  • Cab and sleeper cutaway displays allow customers to easily access the luxurious interior design of the cab and sleeper to experience the spacious and ergonomic layout.
  • An interactive “Technology Zone” features innovative design components of the Model 579 such as the headlamps, the driver information panel, SmartNav, and new multi-function steering wheel controls.
  • Graphic depictions of the performance attributes of the Model 579 include videos of reliability testing to 2.2 million miles, aerodynamic efficiency, and the strong, lightweight chassis design.
  • Paccar MX engine technology is on display as well, highlighting key engine components such as the encapsulated wiring, connecting rods and robust camshaft to illustrate PACCAR’s diesel engine design precision and quality.  
  • Peterbilt’s New Revolution Seats, and on display, feature two-chamber lumbar support, adjustable side bolsters, adjustable suspension dampening, heating and ventilation options, and additional storage pockets.

Dates for the tour include:

  • Quad City Peterbilt, Omaha, NB, July 3
  • JX Peterbilt - Bolingbrook, Bolingbrook, IL, July 6
  • Peterbilt of St. Louis , Sauget, IL, July 9
  • Rush Peterbilt Truck Center - Denver, Denver, CO, July 17
  • Peterbilt of Wyoming, Cheyenne, WY, July 19
  • Montana Peterbilt , Billings, MT, July 23
  • Stahl Peterbilt - Edmonton, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, July 26
  • Allstate Peterbilt of Bismarck , Bismarck, ND, July 30
  • Allstate Peterbilt of Fargo, Fargo, ND, Aug. 1
  • Peterbilt of Sioux Falls, Sioux Falls, SD, Aug. 3
  • JX Peterbilt - Fort Wayne, New Haven, IN, Aug. 7
  • Peterbilt of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, OH, Aug. 9
  • Peterbilt of Louisville, Louisville, KY, Aug. 13
  • Peterbilt Truck Center of Little Rock , Little Rock, AR, Aug. 15
  • Peterbilt Truck Center of Shreveport, Shreveport, LA, Aug. 28
  • Peterbilt of Memphis, Memphis, TN, Aug. 30
  • Rush Peterbilt Truck Center - Phoenix, Phoenix, AZ, Sept. 4
  • Rush Peterbilt Truck Center - Fontana, Fontana, CA, Sept. 6
  • Rush Peterbilt Truck Center - Pico Rivera, Pico Rivera, CA, Sept. 7
  • Kansas City Peterbilt , Kansas City, MO, Sept. 12
  • JX Peterbilt - Indianapolis, Indianapolis, IN, Sept. 14
  • Peterbilt of Northwest Ohio, Findlay, OH, Sept. 17
  • Reefer Peterbilt, Detroit, MI, Sept. 19
  • Peterbilt Ontario Truck Centres – Mississauga, Mississauga, Ontario, Canada, Sept. 26
  • Hunter Peterbilt , Lancaster, PA, Sept. 28
  • G.L. Sayre Peterbilt , Conshohocken, PA, Oct. 1-2
  • Utica General Peterbilt, Albany, NY, Oct. 4
  • The Pete Store - Baltimore, Baltimore, MD, Oct. 8
  • Piedmont Peterbilt, Greensboro, NC, Oct. 10
  • Peterbilt of Bristol , Bristol, TN, Oct. 12
  • Lookout Mountain Peterbilt , Chattanooga, TN, Oct. 15
  • Peterbilt of Atlanta , Atlanta, GA, Oct. 18
  • Peterbilt Truck Center of Birmingham, Birmingham, AL, Oct. 22
  • Peterbilt Truck Center of Jackson, Brandon, MS, Oct. 24
  • Rush Peterbilt Truck Center - Mobile , Mobile, AL, Oct. 26
  • Rush Peterbilt Truck Center - Tampa , Tampa, FL, Oct. 29
  • Palm Peterbilt, Ft. Lauderdale, FL, Oct. 31
  • Rush Peterbilt Truck Center - Orlando, Orlando, FL, Nov. 2
  • Rush Peterbilt Truck Center - Jacksonville , Jacksonville, FL, Nov. 5
  • Peterbilt Truck Center of Savannah, Savannah, GA, Nov. 7
  • The Pete Store - Columbia, Columbia, SC, Nov. 9
  • Peterbilt Truck Center of Charleston, Summersville, SC, Nov. 12
  • Rush Peterbilt Truck Center - Charlotte, Charlotte, NC, Nov. 14
  • The Pete Store - North Virginia, Richmond, VA, Nov. 16
  • Hunter Peterbilt , Eau Claire, PA, Nov. 19
  • Columbus Peterbilt , Grove City, OH, Nov. 21
  • Allstate Peterbilt, Minneapolis, MN, Nov. 27
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