With this expansion the OEM now offers factoryinstallation of its noidle sleeper heater on all of its sleepers models Photo Peterbilt

With this expansion, the OEM now offers factory-installation of its no-idle sleeper heater on all of its sleepers models. (Photo: Peterbilt)

Peterbilt expands factory-installed sleeper heater option

OEM’s no-idle fuel-fired heater can now be factory-fitted for Model 579 and 567 tractors equipped with 44-in. sleepers.

Peterbilt Motors Co. is expanding the availability of factory installation for its no-idle fuel-fired heater to Model 579 and 56 tractors equipped with 44-in. sleepers.

With this addition, the system can be spec’d with the full range of Peterbilt sleepers, which includes 44, 58, 72 and 80-in. models, the OEM said.

According to Peterbilt, this self-contained sleeper heater system requires no plug-in energy sources and is complemented by a low voltage disconnect (LVD) feature that preserves battery life so as to maintain adequate starting power.

The LVD feature automatically disconnects non-vital battery loads and will automatically reconnect loads when batteries reach a sufficient charge, the OEM noted.

Peterbilt added that its fuel-fired sleeper heater system includes an under-bunk heater, fan-powered circulation, and a digital control panel mounted in the sleeper.

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