Peterbilt offers theft-prevention technology

Peterbilt Motors Co. is now offering an anti-theft system for its Models 579 and 567 equipped with Paccar MX-13 engines. The system requires a passcode be entered to start the truck. Without a proper passcode, the engine will not start, said Landon Sproull, chief engineer.

As added security, Sproull said, the engine must be started within six minutes of entering the code, or the code will need to be entered again. Passwords can be changed and the system can be activated or deactivated through any Peterbilt dealership’s service department.

Fleets using Peterbilt’s proprietary Electronic Service Analyst software can also make changes to the anti-theft system.

Operators are prompted to enter their unique passcode via the menu control switch on the Driver Information Center when they go to start the engine.

The anti-theft system is now in production and available for order.

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