Peterbilt & Paccar win manufacturing awards

Peterbilt & Paccar win manufacturing awards

Petertbilt Motors Co. – as well as its parent company Paccar Inc. – took home four awards from consulting company Frost & Sullivan’s Manufacturing Leadership Council during the firm’s manufacturing leadership summit held recently in Palm Beach, FL.

Peterbilt won the “High Achiever Award” for its human-centered design (HCD) program used throughout all areas of its operations, including during its product design and testing, along with a “Manufacturing Leadership Award” for its approach to lean manufacturing management.

The OEM noted that its HCD process uses a cross-departmental selection of company employees, as well as customers and individuals from other industries such as aerospace, law enforcement, telecommunications, etc., to brainstorm, test and evaluate not just production processes but the development of new product introductions as well.

Peterbilt said this program helped guide some of the company’s most successful new product launches, such as the double-bunk design on the company’s newest on-highway truck – the Model 579 – and the clean rail package for the OEM’s Model 220 medium-duty truck.

Paccar snagged its own “High Achiever Award” for the flexible machining line production process used to construct its MX-13 engine line at its Columbus, MO, manufacturing facility, along with a “Manufacturing Leadership Award” for the non-contact axle alignment system used at the Peterbilt assembly plant in Denton, TX.

“It’s an honor to be recognized for our ongoing efforts to innovate in all areas of our operations, particularly from among such a diverse and worthy field of candidates as those selected by Frost & Sullivan,” noted Darrin Siver, Peterbilt’s GM, in a statement.

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