Peterson debuts LED forward lighting

Peterson debuts LED forward lighting

Peterson Manufacturing has added LED forward lighting to its portfolio of lighting products. The 7-in. round LED headlight is a drop-in LED replacement for all PAR56 standard headlights, including H6014, H5024 and H6024 halogen sealed beams, the company said.

“Peterson Manufacturing is pleased to bring our first forward lighting product to the market. We have been at the forefront of the LED revolution in vehicle lighting since the very beginning, and over the past 18 years, our people have become experts in the design, engineering, tooling and manufacturing of LED vehicle lighting,” said Steve Meagher, vice president of sales. “We engineered and designed this lamp in-house, tooled it at our tooling division, and are manufacturing and assembling it here in the USA. The demand for LED forward lighting will continue to increase for some time to come. That growth makes it the next logical step in our 68-year history of manufacturing vehicle lighting equipment.”

According to Peterson, the light exceeds FMVSS-108 and CMVSS-108 requirements, and its construction and performance conforms to all applicable SAE standards.

The 701C incorporates two OSRAM Opto semiconductors OSTAR HL Pro LED devices per headlamp (one for low beam and another for high beam). These LED light sources are much more efficient than halogen lights, drawing only 0.7–1.9 amps, and will last many times longer than a traditional sealed beam, the company said. A color temperature range of 5400k ∼ 6300k closely simulates the natural daylight. The solid-state multi-volt design is compatible with all 12-volt and 24-volt vehicles.

The lamp comes with a heavy-duty cast aluminum housing and hard-coated polycarbonate lens.

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