Pirelli launches new tire for long-haul drive market

Pirelli announced it has launched Pentathlon D, its first tire in the Pentathlon product family, which is dedicated to long-haul drive applications in North America. Pirelli noted that Pentathlon D is one of the latest tires to launch from TP Commercial Solutions LLC, an entity of the Pirelli Brand of Radial Truck Tires, Agricultural Tires and Off-The Road Tires in the US and Canada.

“Featuring the most advanced Pirelli technology, tailored to the North American market, Pentathlon D is a formidable premium offering that gives fleets the best of both worlds – extremely high mileage, and fuel savings, and low emission benefits as a SmartWay verified tire with EcoImpact features,” the company said. 

Pentathlon D is the first tire to launch in the Pentathlon product family for long-haul needs in the US/Canada. According to the company, this tire has five distinct areas that distinguish it:

  1. High mileage – a dual layer tread compound is incorporated into the design for long lasting performance
  2. Energy efficiency – achieved via a specialized undertread compound to provide lower rolling resistance, and therefore lower fuel consumption and CO2 emissions
  3. Even wear – an optimized pattern geometry and 3SB belt evolution ensures durable, even wear
  4. High traction – a directional tread pattern for excellent grip on wet and dry
  5. High retreadability – Pirelli’s patented Spiral Advanced Technology for Truck (SATT) technology, combined with Hexa Bead Wire delivers the ultimate retreadability

“Pentathlon D provided excellent results in testing against the industry’s most important performance benchmarks of mileage and traction in all conditions. This is a true embodiment of everything the Pirelli brand stands for – high performance, premium quality, innovative technology and industry leadership,” said Clif Armstrong, president of TP Commercial Solutions LLC. 

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