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Pitts Trailers celebrates 40 years

Pitts Trailers announced that it is celebrating its 40th year in business.

Founded in 1976 by Andrew Pitts, Pitts Trailers was born in the woods of Eastern Alabama. According to the company, Pitts was dedicated to solving the transportation needs of the forestry market by building the strongest and most dependable trailers for the local logger.

Pitts started his business in a 200-sq.-ft. office and a two-bay shop in his home town of Pittsview, AL. Focused on quality product and built for the customers’ needs, Pitts only built a handful of trailers in the beginning.  The introduction and expansion of a dedicated dealer network, along with the core ideals of Andrew Pitts and the leadership of his son Jeff Pitts, Pitts Trailers has grown to the largest forestry and fixed neck lowboy manufacturer in the country.

Jeff Pitts purchased the company from his father in 2002, under his guidance Pitts Enterprises, parent company of Pitts Trailers, has grown to the 13th largest trailer manufacturer in the country, producing over 4,200 trailers in 2015.

Pitt Enterprises has a total of five manufacturing facilities spread across 70 acres in Pittsview, AL and Elba, AL.  Pitts Enterprises is home to over 450 team members, who are now not just employees, but also stockholders as Pitts participates in an Employee Stock Ownership Plan.

“Our people make the critical difference separating us from all competitors, and as stockholders our people will lead this company into the future,” said Jeff Pitts.

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