Prestone introduces new heavy-duty coolants

LAS VEGAS. Two new heavy-duty antifreeze/coolants have been reformulated to better protect new engine designs and materials, according to Prestone Products Corp. Introduced during the Heavy Duty Aftermarket Week conference, Prestone Command is now available as both a premium extended life formula and an SCA pre-charged extended service formula.  The company has also introduced a Prestone Command branded diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) for engines using selective catalytic reduction (SCR) after treatment.

Prestone Command Extended Life provides CAT EC-1 protection for 600,000 mi. or 12,000 hours with just the addition of an extender additive package at 300,000 mi., according to the company. It is designed to protect aluminum and all other metals found in modern diesel engine coolant systems from temperature extremes, corrosion, rust, scale and water-pump failure.  Compatible with any heavy-duty antifreeze/coolant, it contains no silicate, phosphate or borate, the company said.

Prestone Command Extended Service Interval is a purple coolant carrying a selective coolant additive (SCA) pre-charge. It is compatible with any conventional heavy-duty coolant and need-release filter technology, according to Prestone. 

Both new coolants are available in concentrate and 50/50 prediluted versions supplied in 1-gal. jugs, 55-gal. drums, 11KL totes and bulk.

Prestone Command DEF is an automotive-grade urea and demineralized water blend that meets all industry standards for use with SCR-equipped diesel engines. It is offered in 1- and 2.5-gal. jugs, 55-gal. drums and 330-gal. totes.

Along with the coolants, Preston has launched a new web site that offers technical details, tips, instructional videos and other support for heavy-duty fleets.

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