PulseTech Products unveils battery management program

PulseTech Products has made available a new cradle-to-grave battery management program (BMP) to commercial fleets.

Originally designed for military equipment maintenance, the program is a customized version of the military program, which is detailed in the Mobilization and Training Equipment Site guidebook. It includes new battery turn-in procedures, battery worksheets, constant charge maintenance, state of charge, types of equipment utilized and hard to charge batteries.

“Fleet and equipment batteries, if properly maintained, can far outperform the standard lifecycle, saving tens of thousands of dollars in annual replacement costs and keeping downtime to a minimum if simple routine maintenance procedures are followed,” said Rick Miller, sales manager.

As part of the BMP, fleet and equipment managers employ a series of high tech smart tools, including analytical testers, battery recovery chargers, battery stock maintainers, and the installation of permanent desulfators using PulseTech’s patented Pulse Technology to automatically keep batteries at peak capacity and extend life cycles up to five times.

The BMP protocol is simple:

  1. Test each battery to get a full understanding of its condition. Recommended is the 390PT Battery Analyzer, which analyzes the battery and charging system quickly, safely and accurately.
  2. Employ a 12V Battery Recovery Charger to recover heavily discharged and sulfated batteries. Recommended is the XCR 16-Amp shop charger, which works with all VRLA, AGM and flooded cell.
  3. Test each battery after 24-28 hours on the recovery charger. When the battery is within 80% of its rated CCAs, move it to a battery maintenance system, such as the PRO-12-RP.  Otherwise return it to the recovery charger.
  4. Maintain new batteries with the PRO-12-RP. Fleet and equipment managers often stockpile new batteries for replacements. As a battery sits unused for periods of time, even a new battery, it can discharge up to 50% by the time it is installed and can suffer from a buildup of lead sulfate crystals. The PRO-12-RP maintains and desulfates 12 lead-acid batteries indefinitely.
  5. Continue a routine maintenance schedule test of each battery to fully understand its condition.
  6. Install a permanent desulfator to manage and control the buildup of sulfates which if unmanaged will crystallize and root onto the battery plates, harming performance and resulting eventually in battery failure.

Recommended is the installation of a PowerPulse or SolarPulse desulfator.

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