Purkeys’ Direct boosts charge to liftgates

Liftgate charging systems work by using the current from vehicle batteries to charge the liftgate while the truck is running. Engineers at Purkeys have noticed, however, that traditional systems tend to lose voltage as the current moves from the front of the vehicle to the liftgate batteries.

Purkeys’ Direct liftgate charging system solves this issue by boosting the charge going into the liftgate battery to ensure batteries can reach a full state of charge, according to the company.

A liftgate operates more slowly when used at a low state of charge. Liftgate batteries at a low state of charge may lead to road calls and lost revenue for trucking fleets. Purkeys’ Direct monitors battery voltage and boosts the charge in order to keep batteries at a high state of charge.

Purkeys noted its website is home to a blog that offers solutions to common electrical problems faced by commercial vehicles, as well as extensive information regarding their range of products. The site also hosts hours of video webinars and electrical equipment training.

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