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Cargo+ LR.jpg Photo: Ranger Designs

Ranger Design’s Cargo+ comes to the masses

The company’s newest ladder rack aims to be the equipment transportation solution for mobile technicians.

Ranger Design said it will launch its newest ladder rack, the Cargo+, on March 25. The new product is designed to be a versatile solution for the mobile technician.

Made of aluminum with an anodized finish, this new rack is rust free and lightweight, but has a carrying capacity up to 300 lbs. The Cargo+ is built with an aerodynamic frame, designed to reduce wind noise and drag. 

Photo: Ranger Designs

The company said one of the main benefits offered by the Cargo+, is the ease of loading and unloading cargo. Included with every rack is a rolling bar at the rear, which means cargo can be slid onto the rack instead of physically lifted. 

Designed with low roof vehicles in mind, the Cargo+ can complement for the Metris, Transit Connect or ProMaster City. The Cargo+ is also available for all higher roof vehicles as well.

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