Reality TV show seeks ‘American truckers’

Truckers interested in becoming reality TV stars while also earning some extra cash are being invited to apply to be cast in a new trucker reality television competition called “Payload.” “This exciting new adventure race will not only feature the best truckers America has to offer but also the awesome rigs they accessorize as well,” the casting call said.

“Do you think you’re the best trucker on the road?  Do your peers know you as one of the top drivers?  Do you think there isn’t a load you can’t deliver?  And most importantly, are you interested in earning some extra cash as you show off your trucking skills in your rig?,” the show’s producers asked.

Truckers who answer yes to those questions and are interested in being cast for the show should send an email to [email protected].  The email should include a brief description of yourself, a history of your trucking experience and most importantly, a phone number where you can be reached.  Producers ask that you attach at least two recent photos of yourself as well as your truck.

“Truckers are the epitome of hard-working, family lovin’, proud Americans.  Some say they are the backbone of our country and without them none of our most basic and essential needs would get to us,” the casting call said


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