Redline unveils Air Brake NanoLeak Finder

Redline Detection unveiled the Air Brake NanoLeak Finder, a technological innovation that the company says "pinpoints" leaks in air brake, air suspension and air-powered accessory systems. The new equipment was at the ConExpo – CON/AGG Show in Las Vegas.

“The Air Brake NanoLeak Finder allows technicians, for the first time ever, to test for air brake leaks and pinpoint the precise location of leaks, in minutes. The equipment is being used by OEMs to locate leaks in heavy duty trucks and equipment that would take hours with conventional methods, saving valuable service time and getting trucks back on the road fast” said Alex Parker, Executive Vice President of Redline Detection “this is a very exciting breakthrough for anyone who deals with air brake leaks.”

The patent pending technology in the machine creates a signature vapor that, in conjunction with the hand-held NanoLeak Locator, pinpoints the precise location of air brake leaks instantly. Clear, audible and visual signals speed diagnostics and pinpointing of leaks.

"Our technicians spent over 16 labor hours attempting to find air brake leaks on two fire trucks. We could not find the leaks until we used the Air Brake NanoLeak Finder. Using this equipment we found and fixed all the leaks on both fire trucks in only 1.7 hours. This breakthrough technology will become the 'best practice' procedure for air brake diagnostics and repair" said Chris Micheal of Valley Power Systems who field tested the new technology.

With a 1-minute test cycle, the Redline Air Brake NanoLeak Finder will flash a clear green or red, pass or fail light indicator. Weighing 8.6 pounds, the Redline Air Brake NanoLeak Finder runs on compressed air and 12V DC, and utilizes test pressure up to 135 PSI (9.3 BAR). 

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