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Reman’d air compressor for Mack Aset engine

Meritor Wabco is releasing a remanufactured System Saver air compressor for select trucks that use the Mack Aset engine.

“We’ve seen an increased demand from manufacturers for our System Saver products, and now we’ve efficiently remanufactured our air compressor for aftermarket use,” said Pat Kealy, director, Aftermarket, Meritor Wabco. “Its quality is comparable to a new compressor  ̶  and with the extra ecological benefit of recycling versus adding material to a landfill.” 

A typical compressor contains approximately 40 lbs. of steel, iron and aluminum, which has the metal content equivalent of approximately 1,200 beverage cans. The remanufactured air compressor minimizes the amount of waste added to landfills, the company said.

Wabco is the original manufacturer and Wabco Reman Solutions, a part of Wabco, remanufactures the Mack Aset compressor. Wabco Reman Solutions takes each compressor through a rigorous teardown and inspection process, and it is thoroughly remanufactured using OEM components.

The remanufactured Mack Aset compressor will be available through Meritor’s Aftermarket group on Jan. 2, 2014.

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