Reyco Granning releases DM400e slider suspension

Reyco Granning has released the DM400e Slider Suspension into the trailer market.

According to Bill LaGue, director of trailer sales, this new model was needed to keep up with the competitive market and the demand for better ROI from our customers.

“The engineers at Reyco took a great product and made it even better,” he said. “For the end customer this enhanced design keeps the notable 33% stronger & increased durability vs. a conventional design while lightening the weight by 67 lbs. from the original DM400. The DM400e allows the fleet to increase their pay load capacity, keep the trailer on the road and out of the shop which in turn increases their profits. Another part of the enhancement will provide the OEMs increased efficiency during the installation process which includes shipping, transporting & airline plumbing.”

“Our customers have been asking us for a better price, but with the durability they expect from Reyco and now that we have delivered that price, the response has been phenomenal,” according to Brien Scheffee, vice president of sales and marketing.

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