Rotary Lift introduces lift adapters for inground series

Rotary Lift is now offering lift adapter packages for use with its MOD35 modular heavy-duty inground lift series. There are four universal saddles to choose from, each with 35,000 lbs. lifting capacity.

“Truck and bus manufacturers are constantly improving their vehicles in response to customer needs and government mandates,” said Paul Lee, Rotary Lift heavy-duty product support and field service specialist. “Buses are getting lower to the ground to make them easier to enter, and many trucks feature wind fairings for improved aerodynamics, all of which can make sliding under the vehicles more difficult. Adding emissions control equipment, air brakes and sway bar controls can increase overall vehicle weight and block access to traditional lifting points.”

MOD35 is the next generation of Rotary Lift’s MOD30 modular, environmentally friendly heavy-duty inground lift.

Rotary Lift’s patented universal saddles are widely used on MOD Series, EFX60 inground scissor and traditional inground lift installations worldwide.

The modular design of the new MOD35 inground lift enables it to be customized for any location. The wide array of available saddles and adapters enable heavy-duty customers to equip the lift for virtually any lifting application.

The four saddle packages are:

  • Ultra-low-profile: With a profile of just 2.5 in. tall, this saddle offers excellent drive-over clearance and can be retracted completely into the ground for zero obstructions when not in use. Use with low-profile inserts to pick up low-floor and kneeling buses.
  • Low-profile: For many customers, this “standard” front saddle is ideal for most jobs. It’s 4⅛ in. tall, with a maximum reach of 40.74 in., thanks to two sliding adapters.
  • Low truck front (T-style): This 4.75 in. tall saddle offers the widest reach, at 56 1/16 in., to facilitate picking up vehicles that don’t have a solid front axle, including utility trucks with A-shaped control arms.
  • Tall rear: Designed specifically for the rear post, this saddle features six insert receptacles (all of the front saddles can accommodate two inserts each) that slide left and right to provide an incomparable pick-up range, as well as the flexibility to reach into areas that other adapters can’t access.

Every saddle and most adapters are electrocoated to provide a long-lasting, automotive-quality finish. Rotary Lift offers the industry’s widest selection of third-party certified lightweight adapters for maximum flexibility and versatility. Adapter inserts swivel a full 360 deg. for adjustability.

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