Rotary Lift updates four-post lifts for improved productivity

Rotary Lift updates four-post lifts for improved productivity

Rotary Lift has updated its SM series of 14,000 lb. capacity four-post lifts for greater productivity and durability. This is accomplished through a higher rise height, improved drive-on ramps and a new powder-coated hammer-tone paint finish, the company said.

“We took the needs of shop managers and technicians into account when we redesigned the SM series four-post lift,” said David Fischmer, marketing manager for Rotary Lift parent company Vehicle Service Group (VSG). “The enhancements address technician comfort and ease-of-use, plus long-term maintenance and lift lifespan.”

 The Rotary Lift SM series four-post lifts now come standard with 78.75 in. of rise height, which is 5 in. higher than previous models. The resulting extra under-runway clearance makes it easier for technicians to walk under the lift to access drivetrain, exhaust and other under-vehicle components.  

For improved traction, louvers have been added to the lifts’ drive-on ramps. The bottom of each ramp has also been fitted with polymer rollers instead of protective strips. This allows the ramps to smoothly roll along the floor as the lift is raised and lowered, to reduce floor gouging. The ramps, runways and posts are finished with a powder-coated hammer-tone paint finish for improved durability and easier maintenance.

As part of the redesign, Rotary Lift introduced a Shockwave option that cuts the SM series four-post lift’s rise time in half to just 35 seconds. Descent takes only 18 seconds, meaning a Shockwave-equipped SM series four-post lift can be raised and lowered in less time than it takes a standard lift just to raise a vehicle, Rotary said. Since technicians spend less time waiting for the lift to go up, they can complete more jobs each day and make more money.

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