SAF-Holland offers new axle lift technology

SAF-Holland offers new axle lift technology

SAF-Holland is offering a new axle lift technology as an option on its CBX40 tandem axle slider suspension systems. The Auto-PosiLift combines the CBX PosiLift axle lift feature with a unique electronic control unit (ECU) and air valve system on a tandem slider suspension to provide an automated axle lift function, the company said.

The Auto-PosiLift was originally developed for multi-stop beverage distribution, but is ideal for operators that have varying loads that want to benefit from fuel savings, reduced tire-wear, and reduced toll charges, SAF-Holland pointed out.

The ECU and air valve system creates a lift axle with automatic operation that complies with DOT regulations. The system is programmed to read the air pressure in the rear axle air springs each time a delivery or pick-up is made. Without driver interaction, the system determines to automatically raise the front axle or keep the front axle in the down position.

“The integration of proven Auto-PosiLift technology on our highly competitive and industry leading SAF CBX40 slider suspensions is a major step forward in providing our varying load fleet customers with a unique systems solutions that not only enhances the competitive position of their operation, but offers additional driver safety and convenience features,” said Randy Flanagan, SAF-Holland trailer systems director of sales & marketing.

The system will be available for most trailer OEMs by April.

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