A salute to tow truck operators

Many states have “move over” laws, requiring motorists to slow down and change lanes if possible to ensure the safety of roadside emergency workers. A growing number of states are adding tow truck operators to that law – but not all.

According to Jeffrey Godwin, chair of the International Towing & Recovery Museum’s Wall of the Fallen, one tow operator dies on the job every six days. The Wall has over 400 names on it of tow truck operators who died while just doing their job – in many cases because another motorist was careless or inattentive to the important and dangerous role these men and women play in helping keep traffic moving.

Often underappreciated for the job they do, tow truck operators, in many cases, serve as a lifeline for stranded motorists and truckers. They work in all weather conditions, under duress, and in dangerous situations on a daily basis. It’s time to offer a big thank you to the tow truck operator.

This gallery is a look at some of the hard-working men and women – and their rigs – who rescue us from safety.

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