Sealant said to reduce costs, extend tire life

Using an advanced formulation, Tire Lyna sealant can safely seal tire punctures up to ½ in. in thickness, helping reduce downtime and tire repair costs, said the company.

Tire Lyna is applied to the inside of a tire to protect the liner against heat and oxidation, thereby slowing down the degradation process. It also helps maintain proper tire inflation pressure, and prevents and corrects punctures, Tire Lyna said.

“We wanted a fool-proof way of keeping air in the tires and having positive air pressure all the time,” said Royal Jones, owner of Mesilla Valley Transportation. “We had inflation systems on our trailers and trucks but they leaked air all the time.”  

Mesilla tested the product over the past year and is now using it on its entire fleet, resulting in reduced costs and improved asset utilization.

“Our tire casings are lasting longer because the inside of the liner is coated,” said Jones. “Before Tire Lyna, we had so many you couldn’t retread but now we are able to retread almost every tire.”

Jones’ truck sales company, Border International, has become a distributor of the product.

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