Single wide now on sale

Continental Tire’snew HDL2 Eco Plus single wide drive tire is now on sale. Available in size 445/50R22.5, the tire will be on display at Continental’s booth at the Mid-America Trucking Show.

“Along with Continental’s HTL1 trailer tire, the HDL2 Eco Plus represents the new standards in fuel efficiency and mileage for long haul fleets who want to maximize the benefits of wide single truck tires,” said Clif Armstrong, Continental’s director of marketing for commercial vehicle tires in the Americas. “Not only are these tires easier to check for inflation, and easier to maintain, but their lowered weight from two less beads, sidewalls and rim assemblies and advanced compounding mean that they offer significant reductions in rolling resistance. This translates directly into both fuel and maintenance savings for cost-conscious fleets and owner-operators.”

The HDL2 Eco Pluswide single features 27/32nds of tread depth, a closed shoulder and a three-dimensional sipe in the center of each tread block that allows flexibility, yet couples the groove under compression for increased strength, the company said.

The groove geometry separates the forces at each side of the groove bottom and reduces premature wear, said Roger Stansbie, Continental’s director of commercial vehicle tire research and development in the Americas.

Straighter, narrow groove designs and Continental’s Eco Plus advanced compounding give the tire improved fuel economy through lower rolling resistance.

“The sipes at the top of the tread disappear through the life of the tread, the shape of the tread block evolves and the void creates a new sipe,” Stansbie said. “This ensures that the tread design of the HDL2 Eco Plus maintains its traction characteristics throughout the tire’s lifetime, and prevents the tread blocks from wearing prematurely into rib shapes.”

According to Stansbie, the tire replaces a twin set of 275/80R22.5 duals, saving 668 lbs. when combined with aluminum wheels on a five-axle combination.

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