Snap-on offers 72 in. tool storage unit

Snap-on is now offering a 72-in. Masters Series Roll Cab tool storage unit with a 12-in. deep drawer to hold up to eight power tools.

“Our new KRL1163 Roll Cab gives Snap-on customers the space and security they need to store their power tools in a systemized way,” said Scott Amundson, product manager for Snap-on. “Normally, service technicians use the middle bottom drawer for an assortment of power tools, making it difficult to find the right tool. With the KRL1163, Snap-on customers have a 12-inch power tool drawer featuring eight adjustable holders. Technicians will also know immediately upon opening the drawer if a power tool is missing. The KRL1163 is a great way to protect your power tools investment.” 

The unit features the patented Lock-n-Roll latch mechanism, which makes opening drawers easy while preventing drawers from drifting open. It also has Iso-Ride casters for a smooth ride around the shop and a high-security tubular lock and collar to prevent theft.

Available in 12 colors, the Snap-on KRL1163 also offers fewer two-inch drawers and more four-inch drawers, allowing users the ability to store more items and larger tools. The extended cab also features a five-inch drawer that is ideal for vertical socket storage and a three-inch drawer that is perfect for long-handled tools like wrenches.

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