Spotlight with heavy duty mounting base

Spotlight with heavy duty mounting base

A new spotlight offering 21 watts of LED lighting power has been released by Larson Electronics’ The PML-7LED-3C 21 watt handheld LED spotlight mounts on a permanent mounting base.

According to Larson, the light produces 1,596 lumens, a light beam 650 ft. by 50 ft. wide, and draws only 1.7 amps when powered from a 12-volt power source. The spotlight is fitted with Edison Edixeon Emitters containing CREE LEDs.

Designed in a compact unit, the light works with any voltage from 9 to 48 volts DC, and can be had with a choice of connecting options including 16 and 25 ft. long cigarette plug cords, 21 ft. long battery clamp cords, and 16 ft. long straight cords with battery ring terminals for direct battery connections.

The LEDs are designed to adjust to any voltage using standard 12 or 24 volt DC current. They are highly resistant to damage from impacts and vibrations, allowing these units to withstand rough off road conditions and abusive handling, the company said.

The mounting platform is predrilled for easy mounting, and a solid propylene handle and tensioned hinge allows the operator to quickly maneuver the light as needed and lock the beam in position without having to set any locking mechanisms. Operators can adjust the light as needed, and once released it will hold position until moved again.

“The PML-7LED-3C LED Spotlight features a wide adjustability for rotation and tilt, making this light a great replacement for halogen search lights without the light pollution effect of gas burning lamps,” said Robert Bresnahan from Larson Electronics “This LED control light draws only 1.75 amps on a 12 volt DC application, is weather and vibration resistant, and has an LED lift span of 50,000 hours.”

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