A fully deployed Trailer Tail in highway operation

A fully deployed Trailer Tail in highway operation.

Stemco buys ATDynamics

Truck component maker Stemco is acquiring ATDynamics, Inc., which makes aerodynamic system for a variety of trailer designs to help boost fuel efficiency.

Todd Anderson, Stemco’s president, said in a statement that Hayward, CA-based ATDynamics will become part of his company’s Innovative Tire & Mileage Solutions (ITMS) group.

“The acquisition of ATDynamics aligns with our strategic direction to assist our fleet customers in improving fuel efficiency and increasing tire life. It continues to build a solid platform from which we can offer a more complete line of aerodynamic products,” Anderson added.

ATDynamics is primarily known for its TrailerTail system that helps “streamline” airflow around a semi-trailer while reducing low pressure suction drag that the rear of the unit – typically resulting in a fuel economy improvement for tractor-trailers traveling at highway speeds of 5% or more.

The company also makes the EcoSkirt, which helps reduce aerodynamic drag under the trailer where air hits the trailer’s rear axles.

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