Stemco changes brake drum color to combat overseas look-alikes

Stemco changes brake drum color to combat overseas look-alikes

Stemco launched the Genuine CentriFuse brake drum product line in a new, unique blue color, the company announced.

According to the company, in recent years, overseas manufacturers have begun making brake drums that look like Stemco Genuine CentriFuse products. “This leads to customers not receiving the quality, reliability, safety and weight reduction they are used to when purchasing Stemco products,” the company said. “The new color now protects the integrity of fleet managers’ investments by enabling them to easily distinguish genuine Stemco brake drums from imitation products.”

This change applies to Original CentriFuse, CentriFuse Lite and CentriFuse Wide. CentriFuse HD brake drums, which were changed from black to red in 2014, will continue being sold in their new red color.

“Launching our Genuine CentriFuse brake drums in a new, easily recognizable color furthers our mission of making the roadways safer,” said Jeff Bates, Stemco segment business leader for brake drums. “Our customers deserve the reassurance that their fleets are equipped with products they can rely on. The blue color makes that easier than ever.”

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