System converts van trailer into auto hauler

Ernest Dandridge Carrier Design Services has designed a self-contained, removable hydraulic auto transport system that fits inside a 102-in. wide Kentucky drop frame/electronics van trailer.

The Removable Adjustable Decks/Auto Transport Modules system can be placed many new or existing trailer vans to create an auto hauler, said the company. It is a battery-powered system that is slid into a trailer.

According to the company, the upper decks can be hydraulically moved down to the van floor or be raised and pivoted to any angle desired. Additionally, the transport modules can be placed and locked at various positions in a trailer to complement various hauling requirements.  The modules are locked into the vertical logistics posts in the side walls of a trailer. 

For more information on the system, call 703-904-1875 or email [email protected].

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