Talbert Manufacturingrsquos new 55ton extendable trailer the 55SATELE can be retracted from 53 to 32 ft 6 in

Talbert Manufacturing’s new 55-ton extendable trailer, the 55SA-TELE, can be retracted from 53 to 32 ft. 6 in.

Talbert introduces 55-ton extendable trailer

Talbert Manufacturing introduced its 55SA-TELE heavy-haul trailer. According to the company, the 53-foot unit allows users to haul a wide range of large equipment, such as bridge beams, conveyors, generators, pressure vessels and tanks, then retract the trailer to 32 ft. 6 inches. This shortens the overall trailer length to 53 ft.

“Our customers have always played an integral role in the development of our product line and the 55SA-TELE is no exception,” said Troy Geisler, Talbert Manufacturing vice president of sales and marketing. “Our customers needed a way to minimize costs to remain competitive when transporting the ever longer loads, and the retractable deck helps them do that. The 55SA-TELE gives customers the long deck length they need to transport equipment, yet offers the retractable option to fall within legal length on return trips.”

Talbert designed the 55SA-TELE with a 90-in. swing radius that can be extended to 114 inches with the use of a gooseneck extension. This optimizes the deck length while keeping it within the legal 53-ft. limit when retracted, the company noted.

Users can set up the trailer as a four-axle close coupled, 2 + 2 spread axle or 3 + 1 spread axle configuration. The third and fourth axles can be flipped or removed, plus a 24-inch pinned and hinged gooseneck extension also can be flipped. This, along with its 24-inch flip-up extension, shortens the deck to 32 ft. 6 inches.

The unit features a 29-ft. wood deck in the front and a 3-foot Apitong platform in the rear with beams stretching between. The trailer expands and locks in 4-ft. increments.

“The 55SA-TELE also is equipped with Talbert’s ENitro nitrogen assisted dampening system,” the company said. “ENitro provides a safe and stable platform that virtually eliminates bridging of the spreader, which can occur if an entire load rides on the rearmost axle. The system’s nitrogen accumulator oscillates around a central self-tracking pivot point to provide proportional weight distribution in each axle grouping. It sets the axle load capacity and keeps it there as the system equalizes up and down articulation.”   

The trailer is built with 100,000-psi minimum yield steel, giving it the durability to withstand harsh day-to-day environments, the company added.

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