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TA/Petro ups service game with new brand, Rapid Repair service

TA/Petro ups service game with new brand, Rapid Repair service

New branding only part of changes to service network

LOUISVILLE. TravelCenters of America (TA) is seeking to up its service game, introducing a unified brand and logo for its many truck repair and maintenance services at the Mid-America Trucking Show this week in Louisville.

The new TA Truck Service brand incorporates several service brands - TA Truck Service, Petro:Lube, RoadSquad, RoadSquad Connect, RoadSquad OnSite and eShop – under a single umbrella. TA Truck Service will be at both TA and Petro locations, using the tagline “More service bays, more expertise, more solutions.”

“As vehicle complexity continues to intensify, so too will our customer service,” Homer Hogg, host of Road Dog Radio’s Maintenance Matters show and emcee at the TA/Petro press conference announcing the new service.

Hogg noted that the new brand, which includes a significant new service for customers, is not “what we want, it’s what you want. We wouldn’t have done it this way,” he said. “We did it this way because it’s what you want.”

Road Dog Radio's Homer Hogg, host of Maintenance Matters, announces TA/Petro's new TA Truck Service network.

And that includes the new Rapid Repair service and ASE-trained technicians.

Rapid Repair is for vehicles who can be repaired in under 42 minutes.

“If, from the time the work order is complete, you job is 42 min. or less, a dedicated technician will take the truck right away,” Hogg said. “There is no need to make you want for your truck.”

“TA Truck Service is more than just a new brand name,” Tom O’Brien, president & CEO of TravelCenters said in a statement. “Our goal is to keep our drivers rolling. The brand incorporated the best practices of the top truck repair brands in the industry including state-of-the-art technical training, quality control programs utilizing Six Sigma processes, an expanding scope of services, Freightliner and Western Star warranty determinations, nationwide parts and service warranty plus more efficient work order queuing for less complex repairs, we call Rapid Repair. TA Truck Service is the one coast-to-coast provider drivers can trust where ever and whenever they need service.”

The new TA Truck Service network was celebrated with a cake, identifying the company's new slogan, "more bays, more expertise, more solutions."

Hogg said that TA has 3 training centers around the country – in Ohio, Phoenix and Nashville – and 1,500 technicians will cycle through those three centers to receive the latest training to service vehicles.

“This is not just about a new logo, it’s about…getting you the best service,” he said. “We are raising our level of service by making sure our technicians are ASE certified. We are going to expand our offerings and try to do a lot more.”

Another hallmark of the program is to make sure that a truck is seen quickly.

“If you go into one of our centers, we are putting a person in our bays at a new desk with only one job, to get [you back on the road quickly],” Hogg said.

That person will be focused on the customer and ensuring that the customer is taken care of, he added.

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