The Paradox quotsquare stylequot Class 8 dump body built by Crysteel Mfg a division of TBEI Photo by Sean Kilcarr for Fleet Owner
<p>The Paradox &quot;square style&quot; Class 8 dump body built by Crysteel Mfg., a division of TBEI. (<em>Photo by Sean Kilcarr for Fleet Owner</em>)</p>

TBEI showcases bevy of products at NTEA

The holding company for six distinct dump truck body and trailer equipment manufacturers brought a host of items to the annual Work Truck Show.

INDIANAPOLIS. Truck Bodies & Equipment International (TBEI), which is a holding company for six dump truck body and trailer equipment manufacturers, showcased a host of different products at the 2017 National Truck Equipment Association (NTEA) Work Truck Show.

DuraClass, which designs and makes Class 3–8 dump bodies and hoists, highlighted its DuraClass HPT-316 dump body for contractors in the municipal, landscape and construction markets.

Rugby's new SR-5020 truck hoist

Steve McDonough, general manager for DuraClass, noted at a press event here that the HPT-316 dump body is now available with a newly redesigned adjustable cab shield that is wider than standard cab shields, as well as insulated panels that provide the heat retention needed when hauling asphalt.

Rugby Manufacturing, which builds Class 3–7 dump bodies, landscape bodies, platforms and hoists, showed off its Rugby Eliminator LP stainless steel dump body and new SR-5020 truck hoist with Hy-Flo twin electric power unit.

“Our SR-5020 truck hoist features a newly designed subframe and integrated body prop that reduces installation time by 10% to 15%,” said Jeff Duchscher, Rugby’s general manager, noting that the hoist is offered with either a double acting electric pump or direct mount gear pump.

He added that the SR-5020 hoist is “ideal” for the medium-duty market, and is tested at full-rated capacity for an extended life cycle when recommended maintenance procedures are followed.

Crysteel Manufacturing highlighted two of its Class 8 dump body units at the show, the Paradox and Raptor, along with the Roller Combo 650 hoist.

The Paradox is constructed of lightweight, high-strength steel and is offered in standard and heavy-duty versions, featuring a “square” body style, an air release high lift tailgate, and horizontal side bracing. Available body sizes range from 14 to 21.5 feet with capacities from 13 to 26 yards.

The Raptor dump body features a smooth “elliptical” design constructed of super high-strength steel with a sloped, full rib, air release tailgate and and a straight front. The Raptor model is available in body sizes ranging from 14 to 21.5 feet with capacities from 17 to 26 yards.

Finally, the Crysteel Roller Combo 650 hoist, paired with the Hy-Flo twin electric power unit offers the benefits of a scissors hoist and a double arm hoist within a single unit ideal for full-load dumping applications up to 26.6 tons.

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