Testing conducted on fuel economy of Canter FE160

Mitsubishi Fuso Truck of America (MFTA) said that its 2012 Fuso Canter FE160 achieved 12.331 mpg when loaded to 14,490 lbs. in testing conducted by Automotive Testing and Development Services (ATDS).

MFTA said the testing included a comparison to an “equivalently configured” 2011 Isuzu NPR-HD model under “identical conditions over a 97.4-mi. course that covered a mixture of city, suburban, and highway driving conditions with both trucks loaded to 14,490 lbs.” Under these conditions, MFTA said, the Canter achieved 8.45% higher fuel economy than the NPR-HD, which reached 11.370 mpg.

Testing was conducted in strict accordance with SAE J1321 Type II Fuel Consumption Test procedures, the company said, and included multiple runs conducted over several days, and filtered to eliminate any run where the elapsed time varied by more than 0.5% from the average.

The testing was conducted with both vehicles operating in “normal driving mode,” MFTA said.

The full report with complete test protocol and detailed results is available at http://mitfuso.com/fuel.

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