Thermo King adds battery management products

LOUISVILLE, KY.  Transport refrigeration manufacturer Thermo King announced new on-vehicle power management products during the Mid America Trucking Show.

  • The Boost Charger, introduced late last year, takes tractor or refrigeration unit power to keep liftgate batteries fully charged. It comes in 20A and 35A models, both with three-stage battery charging.
  • The Auto-Start Module continuously monitors battery system voltage, automatically activating Precedent Series reefer unit alternators to charge batteries if power levels drop too low. It also provides low-voltage protection for liftgate auxiliary batteries.
  • The Electric Power Jack Charger provides 120V power inside trailers for operating electric pallet jacks, drawing power from the liftgate battery pack as it delivers the accessibility of a wall outlet inside the trailer. Fully sealed, it mounts under the trailer to protect it from damage.

The three new products join Thermo King’s vehicle-mounted solar power panels, a supplemental alternator for reefer units, and the EON power pack for additional tractor or trailer power storage as part of its expanded line of vehicle electric power management systems.

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