TPMS options now available to untethered trailers

NASHVILLE. Advantage PressurePro and TrackPoint Systems are joining forces to deliver a solution that allows for real-time tire pressure monitoring for untethered trailers. Advantage PressurePro produces tire performance management solutions and TPMS technologies. TrackPoint offers asset management and trailer tracking.

“We are excited to publicly announce our partnership with TrackPoint,” said Vanessa Hargrave, PressurePro’s director of marketing. “This partnership not only further strengthens our work with reputable, market leading technology solutions allowing continued flexibility and compatibility for customers, it also allows us to break yet another barrier in the market.”

Formerly, receiving real time tire condition and performance reports from untethered equipment was limited, due to power and communication restrictions, Advantage PressurePro said.

“Dispatching drivers to trailers that have moved location or have tires in need of repair can be time-consuming, costly, and a nuisance to drivers,” said Alan Smith, president and CEO of TrackPoint Systems. “By bringing together PressurePro’s wireless TPMS solutions with TrackPoint’s solar-powered untethered trailer tracking devices, we can alert fleet managers and dispatchers in real-time not only when a trailer is moved, but also if a specific tire is in need of repair—even when the trailer is not connected to vehicle power.”

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