TRAC new chassis in Metro Pool WEB.jpg Photo: TRAC Intermodal
TRAC Intermodal has added "modernized" chassis to its Metro Pool.

TRAC Intermodal to add 16,000 chassis this year

TRAC Intermodal is continuing its investment in its fleet by adding 16,000 premium chassis in 2018, the company recently announced.

The 8,000 new and 8,000 fully-refurbished chassis featuring LED lights, OEM tires, new brake systems and all-new wiring harnesses are being added to TRAC's fleet in an effort to serve key markets. The company said it will be supplying this equipment throughout 2018.

TRAC began its fleet modernization program in 2015.  Since then, more than 40% of its Metro Pool, 25% of its Gulf Regional Pool and 15% of its Marine East Pool fleets have been upgraded with premium chassis to support the industry’s need for safety, performance and operational flexibility.

“We’re on track to meet the ambitious plans we set for ourselves to modernize our marine chassis fleet and provide our customers with the most reliable equipment available in the industry,” says Keith Lovetro, president and CEO at TRAC Intermodal.

He continued, “As the industry leader, TRAC is committed to meeting our customers’ requirements for chassis that are safe, high-quality and always available through the TRAC chassis pools across the country.”

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