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TRAC Intermodal is adding over 2,000 new and fully-refurbished premium chassis to its Gulf Regional Pool.

TRAC Intermodal adds over 2,000 chassis to Gulf region

To support the expected surge in U.S. resin exports and increased volume in the Gulf region, TRAC Intermodal announced it is adding over 2,000 new and fully-refurbished premium chassis to its Gulf Regional Pool (TGRP), with more equipment additions planned for later this year.

This investment is part of TRAC’s broader Fleet Modernization program aimed at making premium equipment readily available to motor carriers at strategic locations.

The TGRP, with more than 20,000 chassis, serves the Houston, Dallas, Mobile, New Orleans and El Paso markets. The company noted that more than 25% of these chassis have been upgraded to new or fully-refurbished premium equipment painted in TRAC blue and featuring LED lights, OEM tires, new brake systems, and new electrical wiring harnesses.

“We are continuing our investments in the Gulf by adding premium quality chassis that meet the rigorous and specialized needs of our customers in this region,” said Keith Lovetro, president and CEO at TRAC Intermodal.  He continued, “We have expanded our TGRP fleet by over 10% in just the first half of 2018 and are planning to add more equipment during the balance of this year.”

TRAC added that its 40-ft. lightweight marine chassis, introduced in Houston last year, are 22% lighter than standard 40-ft. gooseneck chassis. According to TRAC, they were designed to enable motor carriers to transport heavier container loads in the Gulf port region, such as resin, while still complying with DOT weight limits.

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