TRAC Intermodal fuels growth at New York/New Jersey port

To support record growth in the NY/NJ port, TRAC Intermodal has made investments to expand and improve the quality of its Metro Pool chassis fleet, the company recently announced. 

TRAC stated it has refurbished thousands of chassis to “like new” condition. The refurbished equipment features LED lights, OEM tires, new brake systems, all new electrical wiring and are painted TRAC Blue, the company added.

“We have upgraded over 35% of our Metro Pool fleet and will continue to do so until the entire fleet has been refurbished,” said Keith Lovetro, president and CEO at TRAC Intermodal. “TRAC is also expanding its Metro Pool fleet by more than 10% to support the port’s growth.”

TRAC also noted it has established three near dock chassis distribution locations, two in Port Elizabeth and one in Bayonne.  Each of these chassis distribution points “pre-trip” chassis and make them available in “ready rows” to expedite motor carriers’ pick-up of the equipment, the company explained.

“We are absolutely committed to having the highest quality equipment available for our Metro Pool customers and, to date, the approach appears to be working very well. We’ll continue investing in the Metro Pool chassis fleet, services and technologies to help facilitate additional volume growth and overall port activity,” Lovetro said.

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