Trail King adds integrated solution for agricultural market

Trail King adds integrated solution for agricultural market

Trailer maker also unveils its longest ever trailer designed for wind turbines

LOUISVILLE. The acquisition last year of Dakota Trailer Manufacturing has given Trail King entry into a market it had not previously served, but one that numerous customers were requesting, said Rick Farris, vice president-sales & marketing during a press conference at the Mid-America Trucking Show here.

Dakota produced grain trailers in its Yankton, SD, facility. With that portfolio in its hands, Trail King has integrated that firm into the Trail King brand its first new trailer is an integrated conveyor and hopper trailer.

“We’re the only manufacturer who offers an integrated conveyor and hopper,” said Farris. “What is allows the customer to do is seed, fertilize and harvest all with one product.”

The trailer features a Convey-All Industries conveyor belt system on the rear of the trailer, allowing it to output product. The conveyor is all stainless steel and features a 12 ft. swing range of motion, up to 19 ft. height and folds over the trailer for transport. All of that is accomplished with a wireless remote control.

The conveyor can also be removed, allowing the company to use the trailer to transport small grain products to market.

The hopper features a welded stainless wall design, said Farris.

The EFX can be expanded to carry wind turbine blades up to about 200 ft. long.

Trail King also showed off a new TK85EFX trailer. The EFX is an expandable trailer up to 178 ft. It is designed for hauling wind blades for turbines, which can run up to approximately 200 ft. in length.

The trailer is a five stage expansion trailer – the company previously offered 3-stage trailers. It can be collapsed down to just 53 ft.

One of the key features is a hydraulic steering system that uses inputs from the fifth wheel and automatically turns the trailer’s tridem axle up to 44 deg. turning radius to navigate roadways.

It also has a low profile gooseneck design and computer controlled auto alignment if manual steering is used.

Air ride suspension and an air ride raise & lower kit to make manual lifting and lowering of the suspension easier is included.

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