Troubleshooting trailer lights

According to Phillips Industries, the December edition of its monthly Qwik Tech Tips newsletter outlines “in clear language” how best to troubleshoot trailer lights when they are not working properly.

The manufacturer pointed out that under the new Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s Comprehensive, Safety, Accountability (CSA) safety-measurement system, a vehicle found operating with inoperative lamps negatively affects a carrier’s safety performance data and is also one of the most common causes for a driver to be pulled over. 

The Qwik Tech Tips article gives a basic guideline for drivers to determine the cause and possible quick fix if trailer lighting fails, Phillips said, “saving a citation or roadside inspection negative score.”

The article can be downloaded by clicking here.

Phillips noted that each edition of Qwik Tech Tips offers easy solutions to electrical maintenance issues facing trucking fleets. The company also said it’s designed to be a quick read that provides “useful, unbiased technical advice for maintenance management and technicians as well as drivers and others who interface with truck and trailer electrical components.”

Each issue of Qwik Tech Tips can be found at or it can be delivered in PDF format directly each month via e-mail by requesting that option on the website. 

 Phillips Industries is a manufacturer of advanced electrical and air-brake interface equipment for the commercial vehicle industry.

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