TRP introduces trailer camshafts and bushing kits

TRP introduces trailer camshafts and bushing kits

TRP is now offering trailer camshafts and bushing kits to meet the demands of heavy-duty brakes.

The trailer camshafts and bushing kits feature camshaft head and shaft splines induction-hardened for long life and durability, forged camshaft heads for precision-sizing and strength, and a nationwide 12-month warranty. They are offered in a variety of sizes for all makes. 

“The brake camshaft is the foundation of the truck and trailer unit’s air brake system,” said Jeff Hughes, TRP development manager. “Worn camshafts can cause uneven or premature brake wear, which can result in decreased stopping power.”

Worn trailer camshaft bushings can also ultimately lead to an out-of-service violation, TRP said.

“If a state or federal roadside inspector finds that a missing or excessively worn camshaft bushing is causing excessive pushrod travel, worn linings on the bottom shoe, or some other brake defect, the inspector will likely note it and apply the 20% defective brake rule accordingly,” Hughes said.

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