TRP offers clutch replacement parts

TRP has announced a new line of clutch replacement components, including clutch brakes, pilot bearings, clutch release yokes and clutch installation kits. 

“TRP offers a wide breadth of clutch replacement components to meet the needs of all commercial vehicle operators, regardless of the make or application,” said Jeff Hughes, TRP development manager.

Included in the new line are hinged locking clutch brakes and high temperature pilot bearings that withstand hotter temperatures. The hinged locking clutch brakes, including torque limiting and two-piece clutch brakes, are available in 1 3/4-in. and 2-in. sizes. 

“The purpose of the clutch brake is to slow down or stop the transmission input shaft from rotating when the clutch pedal is depressed,” said Hughes. “With hinged locking clutch brakes, truck operators can replace worn or damaged clutch brakes without the added expense of removing the transmission. And by using TRP, truck operators get durable replacements that meet or exceed OEM standards.”

TRP also offers standard pilot bearings and high-temperature pilot bearings for high-torque engines that operate at low RPMs and higher temperatures. The pilot bearings come in 2.833-inch by 1.179-inch and 2.440-inch by .985-inch sizes.

“The grease in high-temperature pilot bearings is specially formulated to increase product life, exceeding the engine manufacturer’s requirements,” Hughes said. “For heavy haulers, loggers and other operators who use trucks with high-torque engines, TRP high-temperature pilot bearings are the clear choice.”

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