New models 2020: Medium-duty

Sept. 26, 2019
Medium-duty trucks and vehicles are becoming more popular for fleets of all sizes. Here's the annual Fleet Owner preview of the 2020 class of trucks.

Here's our look of the 2020 models available in the medium-duty segment, Classes 4-6, which has seen rapid growth in recent years as more fleets focus on last-mile deliveries and drawing in non-CDL drivers. 

Fleets can spec out medium-duty trucks to handle only the weight and payload they need. You'll find straight trucks, chassis cabs ready for upfits of all kinds, a few tractors, and the largest work vans across this segment, and often with surprisingly big capabilities. And one of the few all-electric commercial vehicles that is actually available today falls within medium-duty. 

Manufacturers are responding with some of the widest powertrain and alternative fuel options, including electric and hybrid-electric power, you'll find in any commercial truck segment. And on that note, several OEMs have suggested that medium-duty trucks are the likeliest place that trucking will first "go electric."  

And since you don’t need a commercial driver’s license to operate medium-duty trucks, it opens up the hiring pool for fleets — particularly private fleets where driving is secondary to a business’s core service.

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