Upgrade to ContiPressureCheck adds “trailer learning”

Continental has updated its tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS) to include automatic trailer learning (ATL). ATL allows trucks equipped with ContiPressureCheck to automatically recognize new trailers equipped with only tire sensors.

With ATL, the system only requires the trailer to have tire sensors installed in each tire to be automatically identified and connected to the truck. No additional hardware needs to be installed. The software upgrade also eliminates the need to program the truck to a new trailer, allowing the truck to immediately embark on its next delivery.

“ContiPressureCheck has been on the market for just over a year and we are continuously striving to improve the system based on the feedback we receive from our key commercial fleet customers,” said Terry Smouter, Continental’s business development manager for truck tires the Americas. 

The update also features a “test drive” function. Once the system is connected to the truck and all the TPMS sensors are in the tires, the truck and trailer are driven for a seven minute test session. At the end of the session, the system grades the reception quality, allowing the customer to make adjustments in order to optimize the overall air pressure and temperature monitoring capability of the system.

The system also provides precise data on tire pressure and temperature, and is ab indicator of efficient fuel and tire management in the fleet, the company said. It enables the driver to monitor tire condition in real time and to react quickly if an issue arises.

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